Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Times Online Best Blogs

Eureka has come out with a list of the 30 best science blogs, including greats like Not Exactly Rocket Science and Neurotopia. Congrats! Everyone should go check out the top 30!

While you're at it, though, be sure to tell Eureka YOUR favorites - they're looking for a top 100, and they want to know which ones they missed. Just send an e-mail to eureka [at] thetimes [dot] co [dot] uk with "Best Blogs" in the subject to submit observations of a nerd your picks for the best science blogs not on that list!


Bjørn Østman said...


The Chemist said...

I must objection to the presence of BoingBoing (on this list- I can't live without my daily BB fix). It's a technology blog. Science friendly for sure, but still. Another more sciencey blog probably better deserved a quick bask in the limelight. Did find a few new interesting blogs to follow though.