Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh for the love of Parasites...

I know I have failed on delivering you your weekly/monthly parasite posts. It's not for a lack of fascinating, sci-fi worthy parasites, but for a lack of time on my part. I'm afraid these posts keep slipping to the back burner, then getting forgotten about altogether as deadlines for grants, papers and all the rest set in. So, I think it's time to retire the Sci-Fi Worthy Parasites, at least for awhile. I will continue to post any cool new studies involving my favorite little critters, though - I promise!

I would hate for those of you who adore reading about twisted little menaces to feel slighted. Luckily, a curator at the American Museum of National History by the name of Susan Perkins has picked up where I am leaving off, and then some! She and her crew of collaborators are posting about a different parasite EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire year to showcase the importance and incredible diversity of parasites as a part of the International Year of Biodiversity. So if you're hankering for a good creepy crawly feeling, head over to Parasite of the Day and get all the blood-sucking, skin-boring goodness you can handle.