Monday, October 5, 2009

Check out the Nature Blog Network!

I'm sure that many of you, while looking for fantastic, outdoorsy, nature blogging, have stumbled across Nature Blog Network. If you haven't, it's definitely worth checking out. Nature Blog Network is a list of over 950 blogs that you can peruse for free. They rank them according to a metric like pageviews, so you can see which ones everyone else likes, too. Blog topics range from birds, bugs, plants, herps, hiking, oceans, to ecosystems, and every other natural topic.

Every month, they also feature one of the nature blogs on their site, as a way for people to get to know the various nature bloggers. It's a neat feature that gives you some insight into bloggers you know and more about those you don't. You might want to check out the interview with this month's featured blogger - me. I'm honored to be picked!


Madhu said...

And guess who they picked right after you, Christie? Me!! First the google image search connection, now this...