Thursday, August 20, 2009


You might have noticed I've been posting a little less frequently. In part, this is because being a grad student is far more busying than being on vacation. But another part is that I've started really using Google's Shared Items. Instead of writing a ton of posts on everything I find intriguing, I pass along some of the stuff that other people have written well about. So if you're looking for even more super science news or interesting tid-bits, subscribe to my Google Shared Item's Feed (click on the "atom feed" on the right hand side).

I also re-tweet interesting articles or items that I find on twitter, so if you want to keep the most up to date on everything nerdy, follow me there, too!

And if you're on Facebook, Observation's of a Nerd on NetworkedBlogs is only TWO followers away from getting cool extra features that are given to super-special blogs... so follow there, too!