Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Channel's Steppin' Up!

Ok, so Nat Geo got it all started by putting Parasites in their "In the Womb" series. Then Animal Planet jumped on board with "Monsters Inside Me". Now I get to get all gushy about the Travel Channel, and not just for awesome specials on places I wish I could vacation in. Their new series, "Bite Me with Dr Mike," features a lot of my little friends that you all know I just can't get enough of.

Meet Dr. Mike (on the right, and here's his blog), aka a man clearly trying to compete with Barry as captor of my heart. He's a virologist with a PhD from Oxford, but even better, he's got a passion for the kind of things that I do - those lovely creatures that live inside and on other creatures.

In this awesome new series, Dr. Mike travels around the world to show people the various kinds of deadly and disease-causing creatures that exist there. While he often focuses on some more threatening creatures that have no interest in parasitizing people, including all kinds of creatures, like deadly jellies (he actually intentionally gets stung by a Box Jelly for TV - c'mon, that's badass) and killer birds (no, seriously, see the video below), he is also sure includes my personal favorite pests (like the mosquito on the left) in his horrifying creature recounts. A show that has marine creatures, crazy animals, and parasites all in one? It's my own personal heaven, c/o the Travel Channel.

Anyhow, it looks to be a real fun show, so you should be sure to check it out, tomorrow night (July 28th) at 10PM EST on The Travel Channel.

And, since I love my readers dearly, here's a little clip of the show to get you all riled up. It's about that deadly bird I was talking about... well, see for yourselves :)