Monday, June 1, 2009

Time to Vote!!

All right all 300 or so listeners of mine (wow, that sounds like a lot). The voting link is up for the 3 Quark's Daily Best Science Blog Post. So go and vote for your favorite science blog post(s) - though, if you need suggestions, there are four down in the Os that I think are phenominal. The top 21 posts in terms of voting by June 8th get judged by the elite panel to determine the winner, so for me to have a chance at that year's supply of Ramen I'll have to hope to make it into the top 21!

There are some others that I could be OK (I guess) with you voting for. There are 3 by Southern Fried Science, for example, which are also very deserving. But, really - check out that O section. It's a good one. My picks: Observations of a Nerd's "The End Of The Age Of Man?" or "A Marine Biologists Story".


Abbas Raza said...


Not to try and dictate strategy to you, but maybe you should encourage your readers to vote for one post, otherwise the votes may get diluted! No?

Just saying! :-)

Best of luck.


Christie Lynn said...

I like the way you think, Abbas. Ok, readers: which one's the best? The choices are (drumroll please):
The End Of The Age Of Man
A Marine Biologist's Story
Why I am NOT a Darwinist, but we should celebrate Darwin Day
Having Some Fun With EvolutionComment to let me know which you think is the best, and the top choice will be the one everyone should vote on!