Thursday, June 4, 2009

C'mon guys!

I know, I know - there are still 3 days left of voting on the 3 Quark's Daily Science Blogging Prize. I shouldn't be sweating it yet. But c'mon - we're right on the cusp of the top 20 with A Marine Biologist's Story AND The End Of The Age Of Man!

I'm biting my nails watching the numbers slowly creep. About 30 more for each and they'll probably coast right into the next round - you can do it: you have the power! I've got the medical students where I work voting. I know my fans can match them vote for vote! You guys, after all, are the best blog readers on the internet!

I know not all of you have voted. Some of you voted for others - it's ok, I forgive you. But if you haven't voted and you don't have other favorites, please, please, please - go vote for one of those two! You gotta scroll a ways down to the Os (for "Observations of a Nerd"), but you'll get there. And then, if you're really awesome, send the voting link along to a couple friends and have them do the same. Just give me a chance to battle it out in the judging rounds!

Thanks to all of you who voted, for me or not. It's a fun contest to be a part of (good luck to everyone in it) and your votes are key to finding a Top Quark!


Lockwood said...

Off topic, but this looked like something you'd enjoy: CSI: Bambi.