Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Dose of Cute

Ok, so this week's cutie might not be everyone's favorite to cuddle with, but standing at only a few millimeters, it's definitely cute. Just look at how small he is compared to a human thumb! I mean, he's positively tiny. Besides, you have to like him a bit because he's brightly colored! So he's small and pretty - what more could you ask for?

hat tip Ugly Overload Photos by Jurgen Otto

This vibrant little spider is the Peacock spider, Maratus volans. The peacock spider is also called the flying spider, as some thought that brilliant-colored flap was used somehow for flight or gliding. Alas, it's instead like a peacock's tail, used for courtship (as you can see above). He lifts his flap and legs and dances towards the female of his interest in a fantastic, vibrating display.

Ok, so not every one of you is wooed by the male's amazing looks. Fine. Don't worry, this pint-sized spider is confined to eastern parts of Australia, so it won't be bugging most you any time soon. Not that you'd know if it did - it's only 5 mm long at most. You probably wouldn't even notice it.

Besides, I don't care what you say - anything this miniature is cute.


Jared said...

I don't know about cute, but it is very pretty.

Tatiana said...

It's really cute... thanks for sharing.