Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok, this is pretty gross.

OK - I admit. I am terrified by don't like moths as it is. But this makes me creeped out by them even more than the sucking blood bit:

Source: DailyMail

What you're looking at was formerly known as a Honda. It's been attacked by (by my guess, hundreds of thousands of) spindle ermine moth larvae (adult on R). These voracious moths-to-be spin a silk web over their feeding areas to protect themselves from ants and wasps. Normally, a silk blanket like this would be on a tree or other plant-life where the caterpillars are feeding before they pupate, but this unlucky motorist from Rotterdam has learned the hard way that they don't just stick to trees, and will protect themselves no matter where they end up in the search for more food. The unfortunate owner likely got his car targeted because he left it there a little too long (such an infestation would have taken a few days) and the caterpillar's favorite tree - the spindle - is frequently used in parking lots and for lining motorways.

Getting caught in one of these guy's webs? Now that sounds like my personal nightmare. I'm cringing at the thought alone.


The Mother said...

Sounds like the plot of a horror movie.

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Actually I think it's quite cool!

Jascha said...

Rotterdam UK? Really?

More like Rotterdam - The Netherlands.

Christie Lynn said...

Oops... Thank, Jascha, for the correction! That's what I get for just reading over news stories without checking the facts myself :)