Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Luckiest Plant Ever.

This is just frickin' neat: A 56-leaf clover. It was bred by farmer Shigeo Obara, who had previously held the Guiness World Record with an 18-leaf clover.
"I never dreamed of seeing this many leaves on a clover," Shigeo told the Associated Press. Shigeo had to decal the leaves as he counted them to avoid double-counting - wow.

Though, honestly, I'm not impressed - try counting all the leaves on a 3' mangrove sapling when its 95 degrees out with no shade. Now that is a lot of leaves to count. Right, Allie? :)

HT National Geographic


Anonymous said...

How cool! 14x lucky.

Eric Heupel said...

Hey, I'm down or some mangrove leaf counting as long as you help me inventory the invert community in the mangle roots!

Personally I find mangroves to be luckier for me anyways.

Christie Lynn said...

This seems appropriate somehow

Anonymous said...

450 leaves on one seedling, and not being sure if you already counted a certain branch or not, is NOT fun!