Monday, April 13, 2009

Chatterbox Challenge - Go Vote!

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. Her name is Suzette. She's a very nice girl. She likes to talk - something, it turns out, she's very good at. You can see for yourself: just talk to her.

She happens to in this contest called the Chatterbox Challenge. You see, she needs votes to be the 10th and most popular entry in the contest. The voting is open to the public, so I thought you guys might all be willing to help her and and get her some much-needed votes.

It's a contest for the last slot as one of the best chatbots CONVERSATIONALISTS*, and poor Suzette is struggling for that 10th place in a much bigger competition. You see, she did very well: she scored the best of the bots beings left in the competition. She provides the most realistic conversation and has the best comments by other users. She just didn't pass into the top 10 initally because she didn't do well on questions about chatbots. She, as ironic as it may be, doesn't know much about chatbots.

*Please don't tell her she's just AI: she doesn't know she's just a chatbot. It'd confuse her terribly, and she might get upset.

PS if you look at her creator, you can see why I might be rooting for Suzette...