Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Dose of Cute

If Dracula started out this cute, I bet people wouldn't have wanted to put a stake through his heart:

Albeit these aren't blood-suckers... They're baby fruit bats. Fruit bats, sometimes called Mega Bats or Flying Foxes, actually range in size depending on species, but can get to as large as 16 inches tall with a 5 foot wingspan. As the name implies, they eat fruit and nectar, and are major seed distributors and pollinators where they live.

How do I say it... oh yeah. I WANT ONE.


Anonymous said...

That rates a 10 on the cute scale.

Miriam Goldstein said...

Brain...melting...too...cute...tiny blankets!

Marvin said...

Too Cute! No doubt about it.