Monday, March 2, 2009

A little heads up

I want to warn y'all - I'm probably not going to be posting much this week.

I gotta see off Barry's family, have a whole ton of work, get back to exercising off the weight I gained by eating out all week with the rents, visit my grandparents, and all the while try not to rip my hair out while anxiously awaiting the cursed letters from the PhD programs I applied to (that are supposed to inform me this week or so as to whether or not I'm cool enough for school).

In other words, I'm totally swamped.

If you're overwhelmingly bored without my pretty-much-daily ramblings, check out the new edition of the Carnival of Evolution and Circus of the Spineless, or peruse some of the sites off my blog roll. They're fun to read, too. And I'll do my best to keep myself from drowning this week, if only to continue entertaining my readers. I'll at least find something cute to put up...