Friday, March 20, 2009

Gonna need a new phrase... damned pink elephants

My current response to "Duke's gonna win the NCAA Championship" would probably have been "sure, they're going to beat a team of Pink Elephants." Get it? Because pink elephants are imaginary, a fabrication of deluded minds - like Duke's chance of making it to the title game.

Well, crap, I'm gonna have to find a new colloquialism - because there are pink elephants.

A non-imaginary pink elephant

The BBC reports that a baby pink elephant has been sighted in Botswana. The youngster was amongst a large herd in the Okavango Delta, made famous in the BBC series Planet Earth. In the photographer's ten years studying these elephants, this is the first time he'd ever seen a pink one.

The coloration is presumed to be a form of albinism, similar to the pink dolphin sighted in Louisana. There are different types of albinism with varying degrees of complications. The condition can be very harsh, particularly for animals exposed to the high levels of constant sun like in Africa. However, the team that spotted the little guy say that he seems to be adapting to his condition. The baby walks in his mother's shadow more than others, and being in the delta is already a boost to its survival chances. Elephants are known for their intelligence, so it's possible this rosy individual will beat the odds.

So, I guess in the future I'm going to have to find some other creature to showcase my sarcasm. You know, more like "I'm sure when Pittsburgh wins the National Championship they'll celebrate by ice skating in hell." Crap - if Dante's right, that one won't do either. How about when pigs fly? Pigs haven't developed any wings yet, have they?


WhySharksMatter said...

I consider myself burned. You are truly winning the trash talk contest.

We're tied so far in the actual bracket picks, though.

Rose Ragai said...

Hi Christie Lyn,
It's been a while i didn't visit your site and you have a very nice layout. I like it very much.

Interesting info about pink elephent.

Allie said...

It's funny that you should write this today, because yesterday I was going to send you a Youtube video of the pink elephants in Dumbo, but I figured you would yell at me for procrastinating and not writing my article. All I could think watching it was "someone was definitely tripping on acid when they made this Disney movie." Must be the same people who worked on Alice in Wonderland...

Aubrey said...

Fantasia and that scene in Dumbo carry so much more meaning,now.