Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oi! Tagged Again!

I’ve been tagged by Allie over at Oh For The Love of Science! with a science book meme!

Imagine: YOU are asked to assign a half-dozen-or-so books as required reading for ALL science majors at a college as part of their 4-year degree; NOT technical or text books, but other works, old or new, touching upon the nature of science, philosophy, thought, or methodology in a way that a practicing scientist might gain from.
Post your list, and forward the meme to a half-dozen-or-so other science-oriented bloggers of your choosing.

So, here’s my book list:
1. Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams - I agree with Allie on this. Can't do without it.
2. Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer
3. The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan
4. Aquagenesis by Richard Ellis - though there are some errors, it's a fascinating read and a very interesting book.
5. The latest Open Laboratory - OK, so I might be biased. But I think the best writing by all kinds of backgrounds is a really good learning tool.
6. Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

And I’m tagging these blogs:
The Radula
Evolutionary Novelties
My Growing Passion
The Other 95% (whichever of you boys wants to take charge, or both ;>)
The Fuzzy Biologist
And, just because I think his choices would be very interesting, though I don't think I'm cool enough to get his attention: The Loom

Ok Folks! Let's hear about some good books!


Anonymous said...

Mountains Beyond Mountains? QFM much??

Margaret said...

Will I get into trouble if I also use one of the books on your list? It's one of my favourites!

(And thanks for the tag!)

Christie Lynn said...

Margaret - go ahead! I used one of Allie's :)

Allie - Hey! It was a good book! I can't help it if they get one good book packed into an entire course.

Amelia said...

Mountains Beyond Mountains is a great book.

Have you read The Snow Leopard by Peter Mattiesson? Beautiful, beautiful book

Carson F. Ball said...

Parasite Rex is a great book. I saw it at the bookstore last month and, after reading the first three pages, had to buy it.