Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Valentine's Day Science

With Darwin Day right around the corner, it seems most science blogs have forgotten the other, insignificant holiday on the horizon - yes, I mean Valentine's Day. So, since my post for Darwin Day will go up tomorrow anyhow, I thought I'd give at least a little attention to the big V as well.

Here's a fun set of links:

See which male or female scientist would be a good date for you.

If you're a nice guy who always finishes last, maybe this year you should try to be a bit badder. Even female chimps like bad boys, so being a bit riskier might serve you well.

Single and stuck choosing between multiple date choices this weekend? Try the Man o Meter equation... it might just help you decide what to do.

Are you happily in love and feeling pretty good about it? This article provides a good synopsis of a lot of research explaining how being in a relationship actually makes you healthier. So make sure you do something nice for your love this weekend! They're really worth it!

National Geographic put out a pretty interesting video on the brain chemistry of love, if you feel like incorporating some science into your love life.

And finally, if you think you're pretty romantic, check out this cephalopod. Now that is love.


Alison said...

It's very helpful post in choosing right date for Valentines Day... Thanks!!