Saturday, February 28, 2009

Google Search Meme

Oi! I've been poked again with a meme, this time by Daniel. But, I have to admit, it sounded fun.

Here's the deal: to find search terms that get this blog as the top result - obviously not just your title. It's far more entertaining that you'd expect. Here's the best ones I could find:

Dose of cute
Sci-Fi Worthy Parasite
Christie is a nerd
National geographic nerd
Nerd sex smells

And my personal favorites:

Christie is absolute evil
Nerdy sex with Christie
Christie smells funny
Christie is a sexy nerd
Christie: hot and hard to keep
Christie boosts fertility

Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes.

OK, Let's see if Greg Laden, Ed Baker (whichever blog you want...), and Dr Hale want to take a gander at it!


SouthernFriedScientist said...

there seems to be a common theme...

Allie said...

I always knew you were a sexy, evil, funny-smelling nerd, but I guess now the rest of the world knows it too! Haha jk. You got some good ones. Did you see mine?

Christie Lynn said...

I get a lot of hits with "sex" and "nerd" in them... especially both.

And what are you saying, huh Andrew?

James Hale said...

Thanks for the tag i had real fun with this.

Annasbones said...

Great stuff lol.
I discovered that any combination of 'hard' 'sex' 'porn' 'manga' and 'tight girls bodies' will somehow (seriously.. how?) to my blog.

Allie said...

Hmm. I also get "allie loves sex with darwin", however "allie loves christie more than darwin" takes you to Daniel's blog