Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enjoying Florida, Part 1

So I live in Florida. It has its benefits. For example, last weekend I went walking around Myakka State Park with Barry and his family. Whenever you walk in a park in Florida with water, you're really looking for one thing: Gators. Luckily, just about every body of freshwater in Florida has them, so you're not disappointed:

These guys were hanging out, sunning themselves about 30 feet away from us. I wanted to get closer for a good head shot, but Barry said I shouldn't... Oh well.

But alligators aren't the only wildlife that Myakka has to offer. Check out these shots we got of some turkey vultures:

It's also just a wonderful place to hike. They have this really neat "canopy walk" where you can walk across the tree tops. At the end is a tall tower which overlooks the entire park!

I'm so lucky to live here! So anyhow, I'll post some more exploring around Florida soon... I have got to show you what you can find on Casey Key!


Anonymous said...

Great alligator pic. Lucky you!

Eric Heupel said...

Totally Jealous! 'Gators and nice weather.

My favorite place in the world would be on the island of Belize... far cry from the frigid NE (Though we are warming up...hit 45F today I think)

Anonymous said...

1) when I come visit, you HAVE to take me to myakka state park!
2) those are some BIG gators
3) thanks for making me realize just how much I miss turkey vultures. I forgot I had a profound love for them!

Christie Lynn said...

LOL Allie, don't worry - we'll go to Myakka when you come. It's frickin' incredible to go there! :)

Brine Queen said...

Great post! Loved the alligators. In answer to your question, no you don't have to use the themes if you don't want to.