Monday, January 12, 2009

Ways to pass time...

Thanks to Allie, I've found a bunch of new ways to waste time, all thanks to Sporcle.

Can you remember all 20 of the standard amino acids? (yup. Got all 20. Cheating, though, that they give you the 3-letter and 1-letter abbreviations. Makes it too easy... though spelling them right is hard!)

How about the entire periodic table? (67. Eh.)

The Geological Timescale? (I'm sorry Prof. Brooks! I totally failed this one... I am not worthy...)

Or maybe, if you're not as scientifically inclined, you want to try The 32 NFL teams or the U.S. Presidents. Does it say something bad about me that I can name all 32 NFL teams and not even 1/2 of the US presidents?

Anyhow, they got a lot of them, and they're all wonderful, time-wasting fun.