Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Nerd Gear!

OK, I couldn't help myself. I see all these super-special bloggers making their own gear, and I want some too!

So, I cafepressed.

Here's the designs available, if you need a nerdy gift:

Definitely A Nerd (example, tote bag)

I always wanted one, so FINALLY, here's the "I am Statistically Significant!" shirt:

And, of course, Observations of a Nerd!


Cunning_Linguist said...

no labcoats? wtf.

Christie Lynn said...

OMG I have got to work on that... good point!!

Mariana Soffer said...

Hi, nice blog, I leave you hear a fragment of a short story I am writing, It is kind of absurd, and not very well written.

Take care

Aliens alienated by nerds
Aliens Attack! Unfortunate programmer Z. Dodds was subject of a bizarre attack that happened yesterday after several three-eyed aliens approached him.
The trinocular creatures, were conducting an experiment to find out what are the causes that produce incoherent behavior in nerds.

Gruppie Girl said...

I didn't know that you could create your own t shirt designs. Great idea!