Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like the Weekly Doses?

If you're a fan of once-a-week info bites like my Sci-Fi Parasites or Doses of Cute, you should check out Biochemical Soul's new Adaptation of the week. It's sure to be a great new weekly digest of adaptations at their finest!


Irradiatus said...

Thanks for the link!

Personally I prefer your doses of cute.

Cuteness - such a weird thing. I mean, what is it, really? Why do small fuzzy things arise such strange feelings? Obviously we can see the evolutionary pressure that led to it - but I still don't understand it. Baby people aren't fuzzy. Though they probably once were.

Or perhaps the warm fuzzy feeling we get from warm fuzzy creatures is a leftover from when the feeling first evolved - perhaps from when we were tiny nocturnal mammals protecting our tinier fuzzy babies in the land of dinos.

Wow - didn't plan that ramble.


Christie Lynn said...

What, the guy who likes snakes and all things creepy crawly doesn't love parasites? Shame on you! They're only the coolest animals ever. :)

I think that we might have evolved a fondness for traits in our own babies, to make it so we don't have any desire to kill them and even desire to protect them - aka small, chubby, versions of things - and fuzzy would be left over from our own once-fuzzy nature. It's an interesting thought.

And you're welcome :)