Saturday, December 6, 2008

File it under "WTF?!"

A twelve year old boarder collie mix survived being frozen to the sidewalk for a whole night in Wisconsin. The overnight temperature dropped into the single digits, yet the elderly animal survived. How?

Jiffy, the unfortunate dog, is morbidly obese. "Being insulated as well as he was with the layers of fat he had probably saved the dog's life," said the Humane Society Shelter Manager, Carey Payne, in a news story

The dog's owner said she couldn't get the dog inside herself, and checked on him every few hours to make sure he was ok. The animal care workers poured warm water over the dog's back to gently release him from the ice. He is currently being evaluated for further damage, and the owner is being considered for animal neglect charges.

I don't know about you, but I could never leave my dog FROZEN TO THE SIDEWALK overnight. I'd be out there with hot water or a hairdryer or something. The poor thing!


Dave said...

Thats absolutley awful! I hope the owner get charged. Sickening!

Tony Wesley said...

I saw a news report on the dog. He's (she?) doing fine, but is so fat, he can barely move around.

The woman probably means well, but she's hurting the poor thing. It's easy to overfeed an animal and let it get fat (been guilty of that myself).

I would not have left the dog there!