Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have news...

I'm actually a man!

Well, it's news to me anyhow.

I'm informed of this by GenderAnalyzer.com. It's a BETA test of an AI software that tries to determine what gender a page's author is. Here's what they say about themselves:
"We created Genderanalyzer out of curiosity and fun. It uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman. Behind the scene, a text classifier hosted over at uClassify.com has been trained on blogs written by men and women. In our lab it seems to works pretty well, we want to see how it performs on the web! We hope you like it! "

And here's what they say about me:
"We think http://observationsofanerd.blogspot.com is written by a man (74%)."

Thanks, guys!

Hat Tip to Allie for showing me the site. She's a wonderful blogger who I owe everything to, especially this post. She's a man, too, by the way.


Ken said...

That's ok. Mine said that "We think http://eccentricfather2.blogspot.com is written by a woman (62%)."
I'm not exactly upset by that either.

Allie said...

yes, its true. i'm 76% man. according to the article by the oyster's garter, the gender analyzer seems to have an issue with science blogs by women. just goes to show we need more women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)

Christie Lynn said...

Here, here Allie! Although, I might have condemned myself with by talking about sex a lot, too... I mean, how many of my blogs relate to sex in some way? Even the endangered species blog wasn't saved an interesting sexual fact! :)

Allie said...

yeah...well, clearly you have a one-track mind lol. and ironically, my captcha for this is "semin"...close.....keep an eye on my blog later. im preparing for "disease day".

Kate said...

It seems anything intelligent or science related comes out heavily male. My Life Photo Meme blog came out 84% male. On the other hand, my weight loss and fitness blog came out 51% female.

It's prety sad.

Anonymous said...

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