Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm not the only biologist with too much free time.

I just want to say that this might be the coolest thing I've ever stumbled upon while surfing the net. Hands down, by far, the best. Subsequently, it would be downright immoral for me not to share it with you:

Someone (found by this person) actually figured out how to knit a dissecting rat and frog. I'm sorry - I just couldn't help myself. I officially need to learn to knit, so I can make a pair of my own. Get the pattern for the rat or frog and make your own! Or if you're lazy, buy them. I think they'd make a great gift - especially if I'm on your Christmas list.


Lola said...

Lola, the president for bloggers with too much free time on their hands.

Erik said...

wow. I'm not sure how I feel about these.

Irradiatus said...

That is positively awesome!

I believe I may just have to knock the cobwebs from my old knitting skills (yes - I'm a hetero male who can knit scarves - what of it?).

What a great gift for my four little neices. I can see their scrunched up disgusted faces already.

Christie Lynn said...

Irradiatus - You can knit?! I'm jealous, impressed, and a wee bit weirded out :)

Irradiatus said...

Yes well, my wife wanted to start knitting. But she's not that good at..er...visualizing in her head based on complicated 2D images. That's my forte.

So she say hands me the diagrams and says "here - learn this, then teach me."

I can knit a mean scarf, you betcha!

Sidenote: the exact same thing happened with using the sewing machine. To be fair, the machine was very complicated at first.

I then used my newfound homemaking skills to fashion a pretty awesome Link (Legend of Zelda) tunic for Halloween (as well as a large wooden shield complete with speakers that played the theme song).


Da da da da daa, da daaaaaa

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